Water Park in ‘Grown Ups’ Movie: The Real-Life Setting

Water Park in ‘Grown Ups’ Movie The Real-Life Setting

Have you ever wondered about the real-life location of that fun-filled water park in the movie Grown Ups? It’s an outdoor theme park called Water Wizz, located in Wareham, Massachusetts.

This blog post will dive into all you need to know about this exciting summer vacation spot, its history, and Hollywood connections. Let’s splash around in more detail!

Movies Featuring Water Wizz Water Park

Grown Ups 

Grown Ups - Water wizz scene

Water Wizz was featured in the 2010 comedy film “Grown Ups.” 

In the movie, the characters played by Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider take their families to the water park for a day of fun and adventure. 

Water Wizz served as a filming location for several scenes in the movie, and it played a significant role in the storyline. The water park’s distinctive features and attractions were showcased, adding a comedic and entertaining element to the film.

The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back

The 2013 movie ‘The Way Way Back’ is another movie that features Water Wizz as a filming location. 

In the movie, Water Wizz serves as a central setting where the main character, Duncan, finds summer employment and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. 

The water park’s attractions and the interactions between characters at the park play a significant role in the film’s narrative. The park’s real-life charm and atmosphere contributed to the movie’s authentic and nostalgic feel.

History and Popularity of Water Wizz

Water Wizz is a popular water park located in East Wareham, Massachusetts. It is known as “Cape Cod’s only water park” and has been entertaining visitors since its establishment in 1982. Initially, the park featured four serpentine slides and two-speed slides, but it has since expanded to become one of the largest outdoor water parks in New England, offering a variety of water attractions such as water slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and a kiddie play area.

Water Wizz gained additional recognition through its appearances in major motion pictures. The park has been featured in two films within a span of four years, contributing to its popularity and attracting visitors from all over.

Why Water Wizz?

Popularity of Water Wizz

The producers of “Grown Ups” selected Water Wizz as a filming location for its ability to perfectly encapsulate the film’s nostalgic and light-hearted summer vibe. 

The water park’s classic and family-friendly atmosphere aligned seamlessly with the storyline of old friends reuniting with their families for a memorable vacation. 

Water Wizz’s timeless charm provided an authentic backdrop for the characters’ comedic escapades, resonating with the film’s themes of friendship, family, and the joys of childhood.

Moreover, Water Wizz offered a visual feast that complemented the movie’s aesthetics. Its vibrant water attractions, colorful surroundings, and genuine interactions with actual park visitors added a layer of realism to the scenes, making the movie’s comedic moments even more relatable and entertaining. 

By choosing Water Wizz, the producers harnessed the park’s inherent qualities to create a dynamic and engaging setting that enhanced the overall cinematic experience, contributing to the film’s lasting impact as a nostalgic summer comedy.


Water Wizz’s appearance in the movie “Grown Ups” solidified its status as an iconic water park. The hilarious and memorable water park scene remains a favorite among fans of the film. 

With its thrilling water slides, wave pool, and other attractions, Water Wizz continues to entertain visitors and create lasting memories. 

So, if you’re ever in East Wareham, Massachusetts, be sure to visit Water Wizz and relive the laughter, joy, and excitement that made it a beloved part of “Grown Ups.”


Is Water Wizz a real water park that I can visit?

Yes, Water Wizz is a real water park that you can visit and experience for yourself. It is is located in East Wareham, Massachusetts.

Can visitors go on all of the rides and slides shown in the movie?

Yes, Water Wizz is a real water park that is open to the public. It’s a popular summer destination where visitors can enjoy all of the rides and slides shown in the movie Grown Ups.

Were Members of The Public in Water Wizz in Grown Ups?

Yes, in the movie “Grown Ups,” scenes that were filmed at Water Wizz Water Park featured extras and members of the public in the background. 

Filmmakers often use real locations to add authenticity to their movies, and in this case, having actual visitors at the water park added to the natural and lively atmosphere of the scenes. 

The presence of extras and members of the public helps create a sense of realism and immersion in the film’s setting.

It’s a common practice in filmmaking to include real people as background characters to make scenes feel more genuine and relatable.