Disney Bag Policy: What You Need to Know for a Smooth Park Visit

Disney Bag Policy: What You Need to Know for a Smooth Park Visit

Planning a trip to Disney can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to packing that perfect bag. 

It’s a puzzle I’ve pieced together myself over countless visits and extensive research—did you know that the maximum bag size allowed at Disney is 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high

In this blog post, we’ll dive into all the specifics of Disney’s Bag Policy: what size bags you can take, whether they’re allowed on rides, and how to handle storage or locker needs.

Disney Bag Policy 101

Disney has specific guidelines when it comes to bringing bags into their parks, such as restrictions on size and whether or not you can bring them on rides.

What size bags are allowed at Disney?

Navigating Disney’s bag policy can seem daunting, but it’s fairly clear-cut when it comes to size. You’re welcome to bring a bag of your own into any Disney park as long as it fits within the maximum dimensions: 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high.

Whether it’s a backpack, tote or even a diaper bag – if it adheres to these measurements you’re good to go. Please note however that all bags are subject to search upon entry for safety reasons.

Can you bring bags on rides?

Can you bring bags on rides

One of the questions many people have when visiting Disney parks is whether or not they can bring their bags on rides. 

The answer is, it depends. While some rides allow you to keep your bags with you, others require you to store them in a designated area before getting on the ride.

This is for safety reasons and to ensure that everyone has a fun and comfortable experience. So before you get in line for a ride, make sure you check if there are any restrictions on bringing bags on board.

It’s always a good idea to pack light and only bring the essentials with you to avoid any inconvenience at the parks. Remember, Disney wants everyone to have a magical time, so it’s important to follow their bag policy guidelines while enjoying your day at the park!

Exceptions to the bag policy

There are a few exceptions to the bag policy at Disney. One important exception is for medical equipment or bags that are necessary for specific dietary needs. These items are allowed, but they may be subject to additional security screenings.

Another exception is for diaper bags, as long as they are being used for childcare purposes. However, it’s worth noting that stroller wagons are not permitted in the parks. Keep these exceptions in mind when planning your visit and remember to pack accordingly!

Storage Options for Bags

Storage Options for Bags

There are various storage options available for bags at Disney, including locker rentals and free storage options.

Locker rentals

Lockers are available at Disney parks for convenient storage of your bags and belongings. These lockers can be found throughout the park and are a great option if you have larger or more valuable items that you don’t want to carry around all day.

The locker rentals come in various sizes to accommodate different needs, so you can find one that fits your bag perfectly. Simply choose the size locker you need, pay the rental fee, and store your belongings safely inside.

This way, you can enjoy the rides and attractions without having to worry about carrying around a heavy bag all day.

Free storage options

If you’re looking for free storage options for your bags at Disney, you’re in luck! Disney parks offer complimentary bag storage at many of their attractions. When you arrive at a ride that doesn’t allow bags on board, simply look for the designated bag drop-off area nearby.

Here, friendly cast members will assist you in storing your belongings securely while you enjoy the ride. It’s a convenient and hassle-free way to ensure that your items are kept safe without any extra cost.

Tips for Navigating the Bag Policy

Tips for Navigating the Bag Policy

Pack light and only bring essentials

I always recommend packing light and only bringing the essentials when visiting Disney. Trust me, you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy bag all day! Keep in mind that larger bags may not be allowed on certain rides, so it’s best to bring a smaller bag or backpack that meets the size restrictions.

By packing light, you’ll have more freedom to enjoy the park without feeling weighed down. Plus, it’ll make going through bag checks much quicker and easier. So remember, prioritize what you really need for the day and leave any unnecessary items behind to make your Disney experience hassle-free.

Consider using a smaller bag or backpack

I highly recommend considering the use of a smaller bag or backpack when visiting Disney parks. This will make your experience much more convenient and enjoyable. A smaller bag allows for easier navigation through crowds and attractions, as well as quicker access to your belongings.

It also ensures that you comply with the size restrictions set by Disney, avoiding any hassle at security checkpoints. Plus, a smaller bag means less weight to carry around all day, which can be quite tiring.

So pack light and opt for a compact bag that comfortably holds your essentials without becoming a burden throughout the day at Disney parks.

Plan ahead for water rides

I always make sure to plan ahead when it comes to water rides at Disney. Since bags are not allowed on most of these attractions, it’s important to have a game plan for what to do with your belongings.

One option is to leave your bag with a friend or family member who isn’t going on the ride. Another option is to utilize the locker rentals available throughout the park. These lockers are reasonably priced and provide a secure place to store your items while you enjoy the water ride without any worries.

Some water rides allow you to bring your bags on with you, but its up to you whether you want to risk soaking your belongings!


In conclusion, understanding the Disney bag policy is essential for a smooth and enjoyable visit to the parks. While there are size restrictions for bags, you can still bring them with you and even onto certain rides.

Remember to pack light and consider using smaller bags or backpacks. If needed, take advantage of locker rentals or free storage options to ensure your belongings are safe while enjoying attractions.

Happy exploring!


How Much Are Lockers at Disney Parks?

Locker rentals at Disney Parks are available for different prices depending on the locker size. Inside the parks, lockers are available for approx $10-$15 per day.

What size bag is allowed in Disney parks?

The maximum allowable size for bags in Disney parks is 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm). Any bags larger than this will not be permitted.

Can I bring a cooler or insulated bag to Disney?

Coolers and insulated bags are permitted but must be no larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm).

Loose ice is not permitted in the park, but you can use reusable ice packs to keep your items cool.

Do Bags Get Checked At Disney?

Yes, at Disney parks, there is typically a bag check process at the park entrance to ensure the safety and security of all guests. The bag check process is a standard procedure designed to identify any prohibited items and ensure that all guests can enjoy the park safely.